Ed Tip: Virtual Number and Letter Pickers

Use these short videos of dice, spinners, cards, and rubber ducks to select random numbers and letters.

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Think of these as digital versions of physical dice and spinners. These virtual versions have been created as short videos that you can display to a full class, embed into an LMS or slideshow, or provide to students with a link. Start the random shuffle by clicking the Play button. Click the Pause button to stop and view a selection. When you reach the end of the video, simply restart it to continue.


At AVID Open Access, we’ve created eight different pickers. Choose from the list below.

Templates from AVID Open Access

Spinner 1-8

A Pair of Dice

A Single Die

Letter Picker (Capital Letters)

Deck of Cards (With Jokers)

Deck of Cards (No Jokers)

Pick a Duck (1–13)

Pick a Duck (1–10)

Integration Ideas

These virtual randomizers can be effectively used by both you and your students. It can help facilitate full-class lessons where you wish to choose a random number or letter. By embedding them into your LMS or a slideshow, students have access to dice, cards, and spinners that are convenient and accessible, whether they are in school or learning at home. Here are a few examples of how you might use these:

  • Generate numbers for a math problem.
  • Generate letters for word creation.
  • Use the spinner to advance on a virtual game board.
  • Use any of these to select a student to present first.
  • Randomly select an option from a playlist.

How Can I Learn More?

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