Ed Tip: Video Timers

Explore our collection of video timers designed in three different styles: blue, blackboard, and rainbow.

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This collection of AVID Open Access video timers can be accessed with a link or be embedded into slideshows, websites, learning management systems, and anything that takes an embed code. There are three different themes and 28 different times within each theme from which to choose.

Integration Ideas

Timers give students clear expectations for how much time to spend on a task, and timers can help them monitor their pacing. It’s especially helpful if the timers are embedded directly into the activity being completed. Consider places where you can embed these timers into your digital workspaces:

  • Embed into a Google slideshow with the YouTube link.
  • Embed into a Microsoft PowerPoint with the YouTube embed code.
  • Embed into a page, discussion, or assignment in your learning management system (LMS).
  • Embed into Seesaw activities.
  • Embed into web pages that contain activity directions.
  • Project on a screen for the class to see as they work.
  • Share on your screen during a Zoom, Teams, or Google Meeting.
  • Provide a time limit for an activity.
  • Provide a countdown for brain breaks.
  • Provide a countdown to the start of class.

How Can I Learn More?

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