Ed Tip: Time Management Tools

Use digital tools and templates to teach your students to manage their time effectively.

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As more and more learning resources become digitized, online file storage has become the new student locker, and online folders have become the new folder system. Because of this, it’s important to teach students strategies for managing these learning spaces. By helping students become organized and efficient in retrieving online files, we can help them redirect their energy and time to more important matters like learning academic content.

Digital Tools

Here’s a few digital options to get the class started:

Digital Templates

These three templates from AVID Open Access can provide support for students when creating project checklists:

The template below from PBLWorks can aid student teams in keeping track of their tasks, who is responsible for them, when they are due, and when they have been completed:

Integration Ideas

Help students develop a system to keep track of important deadlines and events by first choosing an effective digital tool and then using that tool on a regular basis to record, prioritize, review, and check off items that need to be accomplished. If you are working on a large project in your classroom, consider having students develop and use a project planner to track their progress. You might even have them help you determine checkpoints and deadlines to guide them. To scaffold these skills, consider sharing this student handout. Then, guide your students through this process as a full class before expecting them to keep track of things on their own.

How can I learn more?

For more information about student time management, explore the following AVID Open Access article: Develop Your Students’ Time Management Skills.