Ed Tip: The Achievery

Use short video clips to spark students’ interest and guide them into lessons and activities aligned with academic standards.

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The Achievery is a free online learning platform created by AT&T. The site pairs engaging videos with lessons and activities aligned to national standards. Content is available for grades K–12.

What is The Achievery?

  • The Achievery is an online learning platform containing free lesson plans and activities, paired with video clips.
  • It was created by AT&T in collaboration with Warner Brothers and other content collaborators, including ASCD, Khan Academy, Scratch, Common Sense Media, Girls Who Code, Code.org, NROC, and aiEDU.
  • Content is aligned to Common Core, CASEL, ISTE, and NGSS standards.

How does the site work?

  • Set up a free account.
  • Browse content or search with the available drop-down menus.
  • Choose from numerous categories, including English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Digital Literacy, among others.
  • Select a unit or lesson.
  • View a video or download the lesson plan.

What else should I know?

  • New content is added regularly.
  • The content creator is identified for each unit or lesson.
  • Content is labeled and searchable by grade band.
  • A “rigorous review process” has been used to ensure the age appropriateness of content.
  • Videos are short, with clips running 5 minutes or less.

Integration Ideas

The short videos make this an ideal tool for sparking students’ interest and curiosity. Once you have their attention, you can connect the video content to the learning standards outlined in the lessons. Each lesson contains related outcomes, content, and activities that you can use in your classroom.

How can I learn more?

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