Ed Tip: Review, Reflect, and Revise

Develop expectations and support students with strategies for reviewing their work, reflecting on improvements, and revising their products and processes.

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When students work on any type of project, it’s important for them to review their work, reflect on possible improvements, and then revise both their products and processes. This not only prepares their work to be shared successfully and effectively with an audience but can also help them improve their skills and processes for future projects. When conducting this review, reflection, and revision process, it is key for students to consider both product and process.

Product Review

Process Review

  • Pose reflection questions:
    • What strategies did you leverage that worked well for you?
    • What challenge did you experience, and how did you overcome that challenge?
    • What can you do differently and improve upon for next time?
    • How have your knowledge and skills grown?
    • What are your next steps to continue developing your skills and knowledge?
    • What are your future goals for using these skills?
  • Offer sentence stems:
    • “I discovered that _____ worked really well for me.”
    • “I was able to overcome _____ by _____.”
    • “During this process, I have become better at _____.”
    • “The next time I do something like this, I will be sure to _____.”
    • “I used to think _____. Now, I think _____.”
    • “I think this process will also work for _____.”
    • “My epic fail was _____. I learned _____. Tomorrow, I will try _____.”
  • Integrate digital tools:

Integration Ideas

Students may be tempted to rush through this step, so it can be helpful to develop a structure and process that helps them slow down and review their work carefully. You may want to develop a checklist that is aligned to a project rubric. It can also be beneficial to have students conduct this review both individually and with a peer. When integrating peer review, it’s important to establish expectations and protocols since students are not always aware of how to review a classmate’s work appropriately, effectively, and tactfully. The links and templates listed above can be helpful in helping to develop expectations and guide this process.

How can I learn more?

To learn more about this topic, explore the Step 6 Study Guide and the AVID Open Access article, Review, Reflect, and Revise: Step 6 of the Searching for ANSWERS Inquiry Process.