Ed Tip: Managing Email

Discover tips to help you manage your email inbox.

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Email is an amazing communication tool. At the same time, it can become overwhelming when emails begin to pile up and flood your inbox. Therefore, it’s important to develop skills and strategies for managing the increasing amounts of correspondence that we receive via email each day. The tips listed below can be leveraged to manage your email inbox.

Microsoft Outlook Tips

Integration Ideas

Integration of an email management plan comes in two parts. One is to take care of yourself and find ways to make your professional email workflow more manageable. You might schedule dedicated time to process email and perhaps set a timer to make sure that you don’t overcommit your time to this task. It’s helpful to keep the number of emails in your inbox to a minimum and to automate some of this process by using filters and custom rules that move your less important messages immediately to folders. The second part of your plan is to share these strategies with your students. Since they are likely new to email management, your guidance and experience can be very helpful in setting them up for success as they learn to manage the email workflow. Consider sharing these two posters with your students: Manage Emails and Notifications Poster and Anatomy of a Proper Email Poster.

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