Ed Tip: MagicSchool, an AI Tool for Educators

Explore MagicSchool, an AI tool specifically created for educators to help them save time.

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MagicSchool is an example of an artificial intelligence (AI) tool specifically created to help educators save time. This web-based product is divided into five categories that contain over 40 total productivity tools for educators. The process for using the tool is very simple. Sign up for a free account, choose a category, select a tool, fill in a few form fields, and click “Generate.” You can then view your results, refine them with simple filters, and copy and paste them into your own document. The lists below outline the five categories of tools provided on the site.


This section includes tools to make the planning process more efficient:

  • Lesson Plan Generator
  • Academic Content Generator
  • Rubric Generator
  • Diagnostic Assessment Generator
  • Informational Text Generator
  • Text Leveler Tool
  • Vocabulary List – Topic Based
  • Reading Quiz Generator
  • Vocabulary List – Text Based
  • Assignment Scaffolder

Student Support

This section offers tools to help generate student support documents:

  • Behavior Intervention Suggestion Generator
  • Text Leveler Tool
  • IEP Suggestion Generator
  • Accommodation Suggestion Generator
  • Text Scaffolder Tool


This section includes tools to generate and refine the communication process:

  • Student Work Feedback Tool
  • Syllabus Generator
  • E-mail Family Tool
  • Class Newsletter Tool
  • E-mail Responder Tool
  • Letter of Recommendation


This section includes tools for improving and revising existing text:

  • Text Rewriter Tool
  • Text Translator Tool
  • Text Proofreader Tool
  • Text Summarizer Tool

Community Tools

This section includes tools to support both teacher and student communities:

  • Teacher Joke Generator
  • Team Builder / Ice Breaker
  • Colleague Song Generator
  • Restorative Reflection Generator
  • SAT Math Practice Test Generator
  • SAT Reading Practice Test Generator

Integration Ideas

These tools are best used as planning assistants. Consider MagicSchool as your personal teaching partner—someone who (or in this case, something that) can provide suggestions and generate a first draft for you. Once the AI has performed the first 80% of the work, you should then spend the last 20% of your time reviewing, revising, and refining it. Be sure that the content generated is accurate and unbiased. While you will still need to spend some time in this creation process, MagicSchool is intended to speed up the process, so you can make your workload more manageable and spend more of your day engaging with your students.

How can I learn more?

For more information about AI, explore the following AVID Open Access article collection: AI in the K–12 Classroom.