Ed Tip: Digital Learning Environments

Review learning environment checklists as well as links to resources that students can use to become proficient in these spaces.

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Students spend a lot of their day engaged with technology. To maximize their use of this time, they should be comfortable with their devices and digital workspaces. This includes how to navigate the space, how to recognize and use the integrated productivity tools, and how to manage resources in those spaces.

Device Checklist

  • I can turn on/off the device.
  • I can log in to the device.
  • I can connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • I can use the touchpad, keyboard, mouse, and/or touchscreen to navigate.
  • I can locate and open my applications, browser, and files.
  • I can properly care for my device.

Browser Checklist

  • I can type in a web address to locate a specific website.
  • I can do a keyword search to locate resources online.
  • I can refresh the webpage.
  • I can navigate back and forth between pages.
  • I can add, close, rearrange, and pin tabs.
  • I can create, manage, and use Bookmarks to quickly access frequently used sites.

Learning Management System Checklist

  • I can open my LMS.
  • I can locate my classes.
  • I can locate material posted by my teacher.
  • I can locate, complete, and turn in my work (assignments, online discussions, activities, quizzes, etc.).

Integration Ideas

There are lots of ways that you can teach students these digital learning environment skills. You can have them do scavenger hunts or present them with challenges where they must use the digital resources to complete the activity. You can integrate community-building activities into skill-building exercises to help students get to know each other while also learning their digital spaces. You can introduce each skill when students need to use them to complete a class activity. You can even use a Jigsaw activity to review the different skill areas, having groups of students become experts before teaching the rest of the class how to use the various tools and features.

Use this student guide with your class to provide “I can…” statements as well as links to how-to resources. The guide may be printed or shared digitally with students.

How can I learn more?

For more information about managing your digital learning environment, explore the following AVID Open Access article: Learn and Manage Your Digital Learning Environment.