Ed Tip: Communicate Research Findings

Explore digital products and tools that students can use to communicate their research findings.

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It is common for teachers to ask students to conduct research. It’s also common for teachers to expect students to share their findings back in some fashion. Ideally, students are given choices in selecting their method of communication, so they can personalize the experience and decide how to best connect with their intended audience. Digital forms of communication and production tools can provide students with many excellent options for completing this goal. The list below offers some starting points.

Digital Communication Tools

The list of digital tools below offers some starting points across various methods of communication:

Integration Ideas

The tools and product types listed in this Ed Tip are some of the most common possibilities, but they are certainly not the only options available. Offering student choice can empower your students in this process and give them a sense of ownership. When providing options, it’s important to clearly communicate expectations. A clear rubric or checklist is often a great choice. You might also choose to provide students with some sort of study guide like this one for Step 5 of the ANSWERS Inquiry Process. Feel free to make a copy, modify it, and use it with your students.

How can I learn more?

For more information about this topic, explore the AVID Open Access article, Elaborate and Express Your Learning: Step 5 of the Searching for ANSWERS Inquiry Process.