Ed Tip: Canva, a Versatile Multimedia Creation Tool

Review the features and creative options offered by Canva, an online multimedia creation tool.

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Canva is a versatile multimedia creation tool that can be accessed free by K–12 educators and students with a verified school email address. This tool combines a variety of production options within one convenient website. The intuitive interface and consistent design make the web-based product easy to use.

Canva Production Tools

  • Word Processor: Write with integrated AI assistance.
  • Presentations: Create and present multimedia slideshow presentations.
  • Whiteboards: Collaborate with teams using a virtual whiteboard space.
  • PDF Editor: Upload and edit PDF documents.
  • Charts and Graphs: Design charts and graphs with interactive and adjustable templates.
  • Video Editor: Create and export a polished video with this full-featured editor.
  • Image Editor: Upload an image and edit it using sliders and adjustment tools.
  • Logos, Posters, Flyers, and Brochures: Customize a template or start from scratch.
  • Social Media and Websites: Build an online presence using these templates and design tools.

Integration Ideas

The Canva suite of tools is fitting for both student and teacher use. Educators can design instructional materials and professional-looking communications, while students can engage in a creative process using a multifaceted tool that offers significant voice and choice. Students can demonstrate learning, report research findings, design prototypes, illustrate a concept, communicate a message, and teach others what they’ve learned.

How can I learn more?

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