Ed Tip: Adobe Firefly, an AI Image Generation Tool

Use the Adobe Firefly AI tool to generate and modify images and text.

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Adobe Firefly is a free artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can be used to generate and modify images and text, using text prompts and options menus. This tool is an excellent introduction to image generation with AI. It is easy to use and offers four different AI tools.

AI Tools Included in Adobe Firefly


  • Generate an image based on a text description.
  • Refine images with the options menu:
    • Content type
    • Style
    • Color and tone
    • Lighting
    • Composition

Generative Fill

  • Add or remove elements in an image.
  • Perform related image modifications:
    • Add or subtract from image.
    • Remove background.
    • Invert selection.

Text Effects

  • Generate fonts based on text prompts.
  • Modify generated text with the options menu:
    • Style presets.
    • Modify a shape.
    • Choose an alternate font style.
    • Select a new background color.

Generative Recolor

  • Recolor Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files.
  • Select new colors from palette options.

Integration Ideas

In addition to being a great introduction to generative AI image creation, Adobe Firefly can be used to create and refine images to use for instruction and communication. You could use the text-to-image generator to create unique images that you need for a presentation or a newsletter. Generative fill is great for removing the background from a picture that you want to use in a portrait, slideshow, or video. Text effects can help you create lively and interesting documents and presentations, while the generative recolor tool can help you match images to an existing color theme. If your students meet the requirements of the terms of use, they can also apply these tools to creative projects in your classroom.

How can I learn more?

For more information about AI, explore the following AVID Open Access article collection: AI in the K–12 Classroom.