Ed Tip: A Community-Building Experience

Learn how to use Google Forms or Microsoft Forms and Quizlet Live to coordinate a community-building experience for your classroom.

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Teachers know that building classroom community is an important part of establishing a positive learning atmosphere. One effective way to integrate technology into this process, while also creating a fun student experience, is by using digital forms to create a Quizlet Live class trivia game.


  • Survey your class to gather interesting facts—ones that they’re comfortable sharing with their classmates—about each student.
  • Create a set of flash cards in Quizlet, with the student’s name on one side and one of their facts on the other.
  • Use this card set to generate a Quizlet Live experience by clicking the “Classic Live” button while viewing the card set.
  • Divide the class into random teams and have them collaboratively vie to answer the trivia questions.
  • Repeat this contest several times with new groups, so students can learn about all of their classmates.

Digital Tools

Consider using the following tools to help facilitate this experience:

Integration Ideas

As you create your survey, try to gather a variety of information to help classmates get to know each other better. When you build your flash cards, you will have the name of the student on one side and the fact or question on the other. For example, one side might read: “Which classmate is the oldest of six siblings?” or “Likes to go swimming in the Apple River.” The other side would include the student’s name, which will be the answer that the teams need to figure out. When you run the game, make sure that your students see the trivia first and not the names. By using a Quizlet Live experience like this, students must work together to answer the trivia questions, which can help them bond around a common goal. Plus, it’s a fun experience that can fill the classroom with laughter and positive energy. If time allows, it’s best to repeat the challenge multiple times with the same card set. This allows students to experience increased success, learn more about their classmates, and interact with their peers in new problem-solving teams.

How can I learn more?

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