Create a cartoon avatar of yourself to personalize communication and classroom materials.

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Bitmoji is a smartphone app and web extension that lets you create a personal avatar, or cartoon version of yourself. To use Bitmoji, you need to first install the app on your smartphone. This will allow you to create an account and design your avatar. Once this is finished, you use the Bitmoji app and keyboard to send text messages or emails with your avatar. You can also install the Chrome browser extension to access your avatar images on a computer when using the Google Chrome browser. By searching for a word or phrase in the browser extension, you can filter image options to find the right Bitmoji for your need. Bitmojis are a fun way to personalize communication, classroom materials, or pages in your learning management system (LMS).

Technical Requirements

  • Bitmoji must initially be set up on a smartphone through the Bitmoji app.
  • You must install the Google Chrome extension to access your Bitmojis on a computer.
  • An account is required. You may set this up via Snapchat or with an email.
  • To use the text messaging feature, you must enable the Bitmoji keyboard.
  • Bitmojis may be searched through the extension.
  • Bitmojis may be copy-and-pasted or saved.

Check out this video and tip sheet for an overview of Bitmoji:

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