#303 – SchoolAI

Tech Talk For Teachers July 9, 2024 14 min


In today’s episode, we’ll explore how SchoolAI and tools like it can make the learning and integration of artificial intelligence easier for educators.

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Paul Beckermann
PreK–12 Digital Learning Specialist
Podcast Host

Step 1: Accessing the Program

  • Navigate to schoolai.com.
  • Create a free account.
  • Review the home screen and available options.

Step 2: Exploring Sidekick

  • Click on the Sidekick icon.
  • Complete the form fields.
  • Preview the activity.
  • Launch the activity.
  • Share with colleagues.

Step 3: Exploring Spaces

  • Find a space:
    • Subject-specific tutors
    • Teacher-created spaces
  • Create a space.

Step 4: Exploring Tools

Some of the available teacher tools are:

  • Lesson planner
  • Multiple-choice quiz generator
  • Rubric creator
  • Worksheet generator
  • Joke generator
  • Text leveler
  • IEP goals and IEP generator
  • Behavior intervention plan
  • Syllabus
  • PLC agenda

Step 5: Experiencing Assistants

A collection of teacher assistants is also offered, including:

  • Co-teacher
  • AI in education coach
  • Curriculum coach
  • Digital literacy coach
  • Essay grading assistant
  • Project-based activity expert

For more information about AI, explore the following AVID Open Access article collection: AI in the K–12 Classroom.