#287 – AI and the 4 Cs: Collaboration

Tech Talk For Teachers May 14, 2024 13 min

AI and the 4 Cs: Collaboration

In today’s episode, we’ll explore three ways that students can improve collaboration skills through interaction with generative artificial intelligence.

Paul Beckermann
PreK–12 Digital Learning Specialist
Podcast Host

Teach students to ask good questions.

  • Be specific and clear.
  • Evaluate questions based on immediate feedback.
  • Ask what made one question better than others.

Teach students to ask good follow-up questions.

  • What might the chatbot have misunderstood about the question?
  • What important information was left out of the response?
  • What follow-up questions can I ask to get a better response?
  • Consider ChatGPT’s suggestions:
    • Clarity and specificity
    • Context
    • Purpose
    • Scope
    • Precision in language
    • Feedback
    • Sequencing
    • Open-ended questions

Have students engage in collaborative tasks with AI.

  • Define objectives together.
  • Generate ideas.
  • Debate with AI.
  • Prompt iterative feedback.
  • Plan projects.
  • Role-play.
  • Reflect.
  • Engage in simulations and practice.
  • Ask for diverse perspectives.
  • Cocreate.

For more information about AI, explore the following AVID Open Access article collection: AI in the K–12 Classroom.