#235 – Integrating Technology Into a Socratic Seminar

Tech Talk For Teachers November 14, 2023 11 min

Integrating Technology Into a Socratic Seminar

In today’s episode, we’ll explore ways to integrate technology into a Socratic Seminar.

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Paul Beckermann
PreK–12 Digital Learning Specialist
Podcast Host

Socratic Seminar

  • Socratic Seminar is an instructional strategy that promotes questions and conversations about an article or text.
  • It includes three parts:
    • Preparation: reading, marking the text, and generating questions
    • Seminar: student-led questions and conversation intended to better understand the text
    • Reflection: reflection about the Socratic process and new learning from the seminar

Integrating Technology Into the Preparation Stage

Integrating Technology Into the Seminar Stage

  • Strategies:
    • Mark up the text.
    • Identify key ideas and supporting details.
    • Generate new questions.
    • Collaborate with a team.
  • Word Processor Tools:
    • Highlight.
    • Underline, bold, and italicize.
    • Add hyperlinks.
    • Add comments.
  • Workflow Efficiencies:
    • Mark up a text as the seminar progresses.
    • Complete tasks.
    • Take notes.
    • Promote active listening.
    • Add new questions.
    • Organize content and thoughts with a table structure.
    • Share with a teacher or peers.
    • Collaborate with a pilot or copilot in real time.
    • Access and submit content digitally through learning management systems.

Integrating Technology Into the Reflection Stage

Integrating Technology to Transform the Socratic Seminar

  • Discussion Forums (Learning Management Systems)
  • Flip
  • Kialo

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