#215 – AI Is Not New, Or Is It?

Tech Talk For Teachers September 5, 2023 11 min

AI Is Not New, or Is It?

In today’s episode, we clarify what artificial intelligence (AI) is, how it appears in our daily lives, and how generative AI tools like ChatGPT have changed the game.

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Paul Beckermann
PreK–12 Digital Learning Specialist
Podcast Host

A Definition of AI

  • With AI, computers are programmed to function and respond like thinking humans.

Previous Examples of AI

  • Facial Recognition
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Email Sorting
  • Predictive Text
  • Spell-Check
  • Product Recommendations
  • Navigation Apps
  • Search Engines
  • Automatic Closed Captioning
  • Speech-to-Text

New Generative AI

  • Examples: ChatGPT, Google Bard, Microsoft Bing Chat
  • Generates new content
  • Language-based and conversational
  • Not always accurate

For more information about artificial intelligence, explore the following AVID Open Access article collection: AI in the K–12 Classroom.