#205 – Copyright

Tech Talk For Teachers August 1, 2023 9 min


Disclaimer: The information provided during this podcast is not, nor is it intended to be, construed as legal advice. You should consult with a licensed attorney in your state if you have specific questions and for advice regarding your individual situation.

In today’s episode, we’ll review the basics of copyright and important factors to evaluate when considering the use of content in your classroom.

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Paul Beckermann
PreK–12 Digital Learning Specialist
Podcast Host

Ways You Might Use Content in Your Classroom

  • Create it yourself.
  • Get permission.
  • Follow Creative Commons license terms.
  • Find content in the public domain.
  • Use royalty-free content.
  • Follow fair use guidelines.

Considerations for Fair Use

  • Purpose or character of use
  • Nature of the copyrighted work
  • Amount and substantiality of content used
  • Effect on potential market or value

For more information about copyright and fair use, visit the website of the U.S. Copyright Office.