#123 – Tips for Better Research

Tech Talk For Teachers October 18, 2022 9 min

Tips for Better Research 

In today’s episode, we’ll share strategies and tips for successful online research. For all the details, be sure to listen to the podcast. 

Paul Beckermann
PreK–12 Digital Learning Specialist
Podcast Host

Three Quality Resources 

  • Books
  • Online Databases
  • Search Engines

Natural Language Search 

  • Key words
  • Questions 

Boolean Search 

  • And
  • Not
  • Or

Advanced Google Tips 

  • Site:
  • Intitle:
  • Filetype:
  • Link:
  • Asterisk wildcard (*)

For more information about online reference materials, explore the AVID Open Access article Search and Seek Credible Information: Step 3 of the Searching for ANSWERS Inquiry Process.