Six different studies demonstrate students who study computer science perform better in other subjects, excel at problem-solving, and are more likely to attend college! Join us to bring CSP to your high school.

Designed for 9 – 12 grade students, CSP challenges your students to explore how computing and technology can impact the world. CSP is a year-long course that can be taught as an AP or non-AP class.


5-day workshop in summer 2021 + quarterly school year check-ins


Applications for 2022-2023 will open in the fall

What to Expect

What to Expect: Workshops


Five-day summer workshop to prepare educators to utilize curricula

What to Expect: Ongoing Training

Ongoing Training

Four one-day (Saturday) OR eight ½ day (week night) workshops

What to Expect: Implementation


Strategies, and resources to help educators implement the course in their classrooms.

What to Expect: Support


Ongoing support with a community of CS educators and access to’s online forums & content

Upcoming Workshops

Applications for 2022-2023 workshops will be available this fall.

No upcoming events are currently scheduled.