Grab and Go Lessons

Critical Reading

Explore lessons aligned with AVID’s critical reading process to engage students in deep learning through disciplinary literacy.

Abraham’s Artifacts

Teach students how to develop an evidence-based claim organizer while evaluating “Abraham’s Artifacts” by Brenna Maloney.

Lesson 90 min Grades K-2 Resource by:

Saving History

Explore this interactive text from National Geographic and guide students through an activity using note-taking strategies to creatively engage with the text.

Lesson 90 min Grades 3-5 Resource by:

Dog on Wheels

Explore this critical reading lesson that focuses on bringing STEM into your classroom with engaging videos and interactive text for your students to unpack.

Lesson 60 min Grades K-2 Resource by:

Make the World a Better Place!

Engage students with this critical reading lesson to think about how they can make a difference in the world through this audio-guided article available in English and Spanish.

Lesson 90 min Grades K-2 Resource by:

What Changes in Fall?

Explore what changes in the fall with your students in this audio-guided article where students discover animals and colors associated with the season.

Lesson 90 min Grades K-2 Resource by: