Fostering student growth with virtual learning

Meet Students' Social and Emotional Needs During Remote Learning

In a remote-learning environment, social and emotional learning (SEL) needs that have always been present may become amplified, and new needs may also emerge.

Teachers and students are now separated by time and space, so normal support systems are likely being disrupted. Students may feel isolated from their peers and disappointed to be missing out on milestone events, like Spirit Week, prom, and graduation. Though they may not always admit it, your students also miss their teachers and the familiarity of a school routine.

Although these challenges exist, there are strategies and opportunities that can help us meet SEL needs in a remote-learning environment. Review the following articles in this collection for specific support strategies you can use in both live and self-paced remote-learning classrooms.

Empower Students as Digital Collaborators

Help students develop the life skills they need to become digital collaborators.

Tips 5 min K-12

Teach Students Digital Collaboration Skills

Create a positive, trusting environment to teach students digital collaboration skills.

Tips 8 min K-12

Design Collaborative, Tech-Empowered Lessons

Explore 3 strategies for creating collaborative lessons to meaningfully integrate technology in your students’ learning.

Tips 8 min K-12

Choose the Right Digital Collaboration Tool for Your Lesson

Learn how to select the right digital tools that meet multiple learning needs.

Tips 15 min K-12

Shift to Online Discussions: Powerful but Different

Explore 4 steps for developing successful online discussions.

Tips 15 min 3-12

Establish a Positive Teacher Presence in Your Virtual Classroom

Explore strategies for maintaining a positive presence to keep students engaged and informed in your virtual classroom.

Tips 12 min K-12

Connect Positively With Families

Explore five tips for communicating and connecting with families in order to develop a positive home and school partnership.

Tips 20 min K-12

Start the Year by Fostering Your Students’ Growth Mindset

Help students transition to the new year by teaching and fostering their growth mindset.

Tips 15 min K-12

Build Classroom Community to Support Your Students’ Social and Emotional Needs

Develop strategies to establish relationships and build a positive classroom community for your students.

Tips 15 min K-12

Care for Your Students During Live Remote Learning

Develop a safe and trusting virtual community to meet your students’ social and emotional needs during live remote learning.

Tips 20 min K-12