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Find free tips and tools curated by digital experts to use with your students, including how-to videos, downloadable tip sheets, and templates.

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Easily create interactive video lessons for your students using Edpuzzle.

Tool Tips 20 min K-12

Google Drawings

Learn how to use Google Drawings in your online classroom to allow students to design diagrams, flow carts, concept maps, and more.

Tool Tips 20 min 3-12

Book Creator

Teach your students to use Book Creator in a virtual classroom to create digital books using a variety of media.

Tool Tips 20 min K-12


Create games, simulations, animations, art, and much more using the block-based programming platform, Scratch.

Tool Tips 20 min 3-12


Create, edit, and share professional-looking videos with this full-featured, online video production tool.

Tool Tips 20 min 3-12


Create more organized and engaging learning sessions using this digital display tool with interactive widgets.

Tool Tips 15 min K-12

Google Sites

Use Google Sites to create simple yet robust websites.

Tool Tips 15 min 3-12


Instantaneously create word clouds by gathering student feedback.

Tool Tips 15 min K-12


Create screen recordings for video lessons, feedback, and other communication.

Tool Tips 15 min K-12

Mind Yeti

Practice and share mindfulness strategies with your students.

Tool Tips 15 min K-12