Discover coding and computer science through robotics and unplugged activities.

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CoderZ™ Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge

Enter the Amazon Cyber Robotics Challenge to learn more about coding and robotics.

Lesson 45-60 min 3-12

Minecraft Hour of Code: AI for Good

Use Artificial Intelligence to save a village in the Minecraft universe through this introduction to coding.

Lesson 90 min 3-12

Binary Bracelets

Learn about binary code and make your own binary bracelet.

Lesson 60 min 3-5

Apps and Storage

Learn how smartphones use information to solve problems.

Lesson 60 min 6-8

Text Compression

Decode this mystery text using text compression – similar to how data is compiled and transported across the Internet.

Lesson 55 min 9-12

Coin Flipper

Create a coin flipping program to simulate a real coin toss.

Lesson 60 min 3-12

Chase the Pizza

Create a game where a character tries to catch a pizza and earn as many points as possible before the time runs out.

Lesson 60 min 6-12

Go and Do with Dash

Learn the basics of computer coding by writing a process for the Dash robot.

Lesson 45 min K-5

The Dash & Dot Show

Make a spinner to learn more about coding and to create a fun storytelling starter.

Lesson 45 min 3-5

Dash’s Gather and GO

Get a start on coding with ‘blocks’ and tell a robot how to shop for you.

Lesson 45 min K-5